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Can’t Decide What to Cook? Plan To Eat Can Help!

Are you like me, lost in the kitchen? Do you keep seeing all these ladies talk about menu planning and get that blank stare? Well I sure do and thanks to my lovely friend Leslie, I found a low budget site that helps me Plan to Eat!

What is Plan to Eat you ask? Well let me tell you about this mother’s little helper! See I just started a trial run with the girls during monthly freezer cooking and this will help us in many ways. Let me break it down for you how they can help.

  • Monthly Meal Planner – Love the drag & drop option!
  • Shopping List Maker
  • Import and Share Recipes
  • Mobile App for Access on the Go – I’m all about apps on a smartphone!

I highly suggest you try this out for FREE and make up your own mind.

Meal Planning Website

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