DIY Easter Egg Tree

LJ easter tree

Are you looking for a fun yet simple Easter craft to add a bit of flair to your home’s décor? Well these crafty Arizona twins from Lolly Jane Boutique have come to our rescue. This adorable DIY Easter project cost them about $2 and doesn’t take much time either!

I can’t decide what’s cuter the tree or the cute chick! Smile


  1. How did you know my New Year’s resolution was to get into couponing? My friend aka a coupon nazi lol, is flying in and is TEACHING me to coupon!! I suck at it! (:

    THANKS for the shout out!! Love this site……so glad you found us so we could find you!! (:

    What part of AZ ya in? We’re in Gilbert/Mesa. Thanks again!! (: Kelli & Kristi

    1. You’re going to love couponing, it’s so worth it! Think of all the money you’ll have to do more crafty things with! 😉
      I’m in North Phoenix. I’m glad I found you gals too. 🙂

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