Snack-o-Lantern Fruit Cups – Healthy Halloween Snacks


Halloween school parties are fast upon us and many schools are cracking down this year on the sweets. Halloween without sweets? That’s no fun! Well luckily I got creative and came up with a healthy solution that is budget friendly and has a bit of a DIY twist to it. I present to you the ever cute, Snack ‘0 Lantern Fruit Cups! It’s not as cool as Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin but it’s cute, healthy and affordable. Oh, and if you’re not the crafty type, this is super easy to do!


Snack-o-Latern Fruit Cups – Healthy Halloween Snacks
Author: Frugal or Free
  • Several 4-packs of Orange Fruit Cups (If the class has 28 kids you will need 7 of the 4-packs)
  • Pack of Green plastic spoons (Dollar store)
  • Green Curling Ribbon (Dollar Store or after holiday clearance)
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • File
  1. Take a fruit cup and place upside down.
  2. Draw pumpkin face on fruit cup. I like to make sure the tab is centered, facing the back of the pumpkin.
  3. Cut your plastic spoons down some if they are regular sized and too long.
  4. File edges of cut spoon to prevent damage to little fingers.
  5. Cut a strip of curling ribbon and double knot around spoon making sure the back is facing the front. I cut my ribbons around 9 inches or so in length.
  6. Curl each side of ribbon as close to knot as possible.
  7. Tape spoon on back side of fruit cup with the back of spoon facing the front.
  8. You’re all ready to place them on a cute plate or basket and deliver them to your child’s class.

For added effect for the kids, I added Halloween pencils I got from the dollar store and some beetle rings. Get creative and head to the dollar store for all these items but the fruit cups. I got these fruit cups on sale a while back since I knew the dollar didn’t have them. I also thought of painting the applesauce cups but the shape is a bit different and the spoon didn’t sit as good as it does with the orange fruit cup containers. Plus I think the little ridges gives it a more pumpkin like effect.  What type of snack are you making for the kid’s class party this year?


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