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Fresh & Easy Rewards Card Program + $5 Bonus


Fresh & Easy now has a Rewards Card that you’re going to want to pick up when you get a chance! The program is still in Beta and there has been problems signing up online. If you find that just head on over to your closest Fresh & Easy and get your card in person. I got mine along with their yummy Tiramisu cake (fresh not frozen one.

Reward Benefits:

  • Getting 250 points for joining today
  • Loading bonus point coupons onto your card
  • Earning points for cash rewards instantly

Check out the bonus offer you get for being a friend of Fresh & Easy! Yep, another 250 points making that 500 points to start off with which is $5.


Also now thru Thanksgiving you can earn double points. I’ll be sure to start posting weekly deals on how to stretch your budget with their coupons and see how many points we can rack up. FYI their ground beef is high quality, it was very comparable to what I would get from my local butcher shop.


  1. Carl Huffman says:

    Please sign me up for the friends card and send bous points and rewards, coupons etc. Any specxials and adds will be welcomed.

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